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Corpus Christi Drug Charge Defense Attorney

The Gould Law Firm provides aggressive defense for clients in Corpus Christi

Have you been charged with a drug crime such as:

  • drug possession
  • drug possession for sale
  • drug cultivation
  • drug distribution
  • drug manufacturing
  • drug trafficking
  • money laundering
  • unlawful prescription

If you answered "yes", you should know that the state of Texas has a zero tolerance policy when it comes to crimes involving illegal narcotics like: marijuana, cocaine, crack, PCP, LSD, methamphetamines, heroin and Ecstacy. People who are charged with drug offenses will be subjected to investigations, law enforcement interrogation and immediate prosecution as the state is very adamant about cracking down on drug related crime.

In cases where the state believes a person has committed a felony drug crime offense or is involved in a large-scale drug operation, investigations will be even more intense and may escalate to the federal level. With the legal process being so tough, people must make sure that their rights and best interests remain protected. The best way to protect your self is by hiring an experienced Corpus Christi drug crime defense attorney.

The simple fact is that without representation from a skilled Corpus Christi drug offense lawyer, people stand next-to-no chance of beating their criminal charges. And, if people aren't able to fight their drug charges, they may have to serve jail time, pay fines, do community service and/or attend mandatory drug treatment programs. The penalties for the majority drug offenses are very severe and should never be underestimated.

Corpus Christi Drug Crime Defense Attorney

If you have been charged with a drug offense in Texas, contact the Corpus Christi criminal defense lawyer at The Gould Law Firm. At The Gould Law Firm, we will get involved immediately to safeguard your rights and contest unjustifiable evidence.

We will work tirelessly to ensure that you receive a fair outcome for your drug charge. Contact us today.

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    “My name is Cynthia, and my family recently hired the Gould Law firm to assist us on serious allegation. Mr. Gould & his assistant, Ozzie Ahumada, have been extremely helpful. Ozzie gave us his personal cell phone and he has been there every step of the way helping get my family member out of jail. I would highly recommend the Mr. Gould and his staff for all your legal needs!!!”

    Cynthia Perez


    “Well, I can certainly say that I am 100% satisfied with the services I received from Gould Law Firm! From my first visit down to my very last, the office staff and the attorney was friendly and very personable while remaining professional & ethical. They answered all my question and never once led me down the wrong path, he & his office were always very accommodating and welcoming to any & all my questions. I would definitely recommend them - - my case was a civil case (employment contract). They are wonderful people and a pleasure to work with!!! Thank you so much!”

    Former Client


    “It has been 3 years since The Gould Law firm reached an acquittal for my husband and every chance we get, we highly recommend their services. Mr. Gould and his team, literally saved my husband from spending the rest of his life behind bars for an allegation that was not true. While our legal system indicates we are innocent until proven guilty, the jury of public opinion differs from that statement when accusations of indecency with a child are thrown at you or the one's you love. Mr. Gould was simply magnificent when it came to defending my husband. His staff, helped prepare us for trial and although we knew the truth, your heart can't help but skip a beat when on the witness stand.... thankfully we knew how to look a the jury and answer truthfully. We are forever, thankful!!!”

    Chris E.


    “My family needed an attorney ASAP and Mr. Gould was the only attorney that responded to my call immediately and I called at 7 o'clock at night. I called other attorneys but none ever returned my call. I needed help regarding a CPS matter and they even went as far as helping me with a legal matter that was going on at the same time. Mr. Gould and his staff kept in contact every day and even after court. Mr. Gould really fought for me and my families rights and they won my case. I've never seen an attorney in action like them. I would highly recommend them to anyone. Not once did they judge me for my past which many people do so do be afraid to contact them because they will get the job done and the results are great!!!!”