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Assault & battery is one of the most frequently committed violent crimes in the state of Texas. In order to commit assault & battery, a person must use violence against another person or threaten to cause another person bodily harm. Additionally, people commit assault & battery if they use a weapon such as a firearm or knife on another person or threaten to use a weapon to cause a person bodily harm.

Assault & battery is a violent crime, which means that when a person is convicted, judges will not be lenient. This is because law enforcement agencies throughout Texas have ongoing efforts to combat cases of violent crime and are engaged in an ongoing battle to reduce the state's violent crime rate.

Convicted assault & battery offenders must understand that they stand a great chance of having to serve time in prison. Aside from imprisonment, convicted offenders may also be sentenced with monetary fines, probation, community service, and mandatory rehabilitation courses, such as anger management.

The legal penalties associated with assault & battery can have a negative, long-term impact on a person's quality of life. Even in cases where people avoid serving jail time, they will have an assault & battery conviction on their criminal records. This means that anytime an assault & battery offender applies for a job or for housing, people will see that he/she has a history of violent behavior and will continually deny the person opportunities.

Due to the adverse consequences, people who have been charged with assault & battery should always have a determined mindset and should plan to combat their charges by hiring a professional criminal defense attorney, like the attorney at The Gould Law Firm.

Corpus Christi Assault & Battery Defense Attorney

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