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Corpus Christi Dirovce Modification Lawyer

Making Legal Changes to Your Divorce Order

A modification is a legal term that is used to describe a change to a legal situation. Anytime a person experiences a change in circumstance that is long-term, such as a change in income or loss of job, he or she may ask that court ordered arrangements be subject to modification.

In order to successfully file for modification to a court order, a person must be able to prove that his or her circumstances have changed before a modification will be granted. For example, if a father is making monthly child support payments and he suddenly loses his job, he can file a petition for modification to have his payments reduced for a set period of time.

Filing for Legal Modifications in Corpus Christi & the Surrounding Areas

Before people decide to file for modifications to their family law court orders, it is important that they know that obtaining a modification is not easy to do, especially if children are involved. For this reason, any person wishing to file for a modification should consult with a skilled family law attorney first, as it is a known fact that people who work with an experienced lawyer stand a better chance of obtaining the outcome they desire.

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At The Gould Law Firm, our lawyer and legal team understand that circumstances are subject to change at any time, which is why people often find that they need modifications to their child support payments, spousal support payments, child custody arrangements, and visitation agreements.

Our modifications lawyer is ready to assist clients who have undergone a long-term change in circumstance by litigating on their behalf and informing them of their legal options.

If you would like further insight regarding modifications to court orders, contact our reliable family lawyer today at (361) 808-4055 for a complimentary consultation.