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Officer Misconduct

In the military, misconduct may be grounds for involuntary discharge from service. Drug abuse, minor disciplinary infractions, a pattern of misconduct, or a civilian conviction may all be considered misconduct and may be grounds for dismissal. Fortunately, service members in these situations may be given the opportunity to have a discharge hearing by the Administrative Separation Board, and at this time an attorney can present their side of the story and work to help them avoid separation.

Officer misconduct involves actions which the service member commits by choice. Unlike administrative separations conducted due to poor performance or physical/health reasons, misconduct cases involve actions the service member intentionally made. The service member is responsible for his or her conduct in these cases. Drug abuse often is classified as misconduct and handled by administrative separation hearing for this very reason.

Many of the forms of misconduct that are punishable by involuntary discharge may also be addressed by court-martial (the military equivalent of civilian criminal court.)

Misconduct Discharge Hearings

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