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People who leave their elderly loved ones in nursing homes expect for their older family members to be treated well and to be provided with exceptional care. Yet, the sad fact is that countless seniors in the United States suffer from nursing home neglect and nursing home abuse each year. Often times, mistreatment in these types of facilities is unnoticed, which means that the abuse is allowed to continue. However, more and more states are starting to realize that nursing home neglect is a serious problem and legislators are passing new laws to protect the health, rights and well-being of our senior citizens.

Now that more people have become conscious of nursing home neglect, more victims and their families are coming forward and reporting cases of abuse. Some are even choosing to file personal injury lawsuits against nursing home facilities and staff members for abuse and neglect. In the past few years, numerous elder abuse victims and their families have won settlements for their injuries and emotional pain and suffering. The key to initiating the legal process is recognizing the signs of nursing home neglect and then working with a skilled personal injury lawyer who can intervene immediately.

Signs of Nursing Home Neglect

There are numerous physical, mental and emotional signs of nursing home neglect. However, experts agree that the most prevalent signs include:

  • unexplained cuts, bruises or marks on the elder person's body
  • bedsores
  • immobility (from being left in bed too long)
  • sudden changes in mental or emotional behavior such as withdrawing from family
  • staff denying access or visitation
  • residents seeming over-medicated or sedated
  • residents not being allowed to visit with their family members alone
  • isolation of the elder person from other residents
  • elder person appearing unclean or disheveled

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