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Military Fraud Crimes

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A service member may be accused of fraud in conjunction with a number of different forms of misrepresentation or making false or fraudulent claims. In cases where fraud is committed against the U.S. government, the accused is likely to face extremely harsh penalties if convicted. As the military operates off its own code and legal procedures for criminal offenses, a military service member accused of fraud will face court-martial rather than a criminal trial in civilian court.

Courts-martial differ greatly from civilian criminal cases. As such, it is crucial that your attorney be experienced with these matters and the Uniform Code of Military Justice, as that is the code under which you may face a conviction and serious penalties. The Gould Law Firm offers a free initial consultation with an experienced military law attorney, meaning you have the opportunity to learn more about your rights and how you can challenge these allegations. Acting now is essential to having the best opportunity at a positive outcome to your case and avoiding such penalties as confinement, pay reduction, or involuntary discharge.

What is Fraud?

Fraud is a form of theft crime. It involves using deception in order to unlawfully obtain another's money, services, property, or goods. Most times, fraud is committed by way of deception or other clandestine means, and the victim may be entirely unaware that they have even been targeted until it is too late. Fraud may also involve counterfeiting or forgery in carrying out the scheme or act.

Consult a Military Fraud Defense Lawyer

The Gould Law Firm takes on various fraud crime cases throughout the U.S. and internationally in military court proceedings. This includes such offenses as: fraudulent enlistment, making a false or fraudulent claim, government fraud, forgery, false oath, and fraudulent separation.

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