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Military Sex Crimes

Military Criminal Defense Lawyer

Allegations of a sex offense can easily ruin a promising career in the military, not to mention the serious consequences it can have in the realm of criminal penalties. Imprisonment, pay grade reduction, and dishonorable discharge are all possible repercussions of a sex crime conviction for a service member in the United States military.

Fortunately, service members have the right to legal counsel just as all Americans citizens do - civilians and military personnel alike. Rather than facing charges in a typical state criminal court, service members are subject to court-martial. Under the Uniform Code of Military Justice, specific actions are unlawful and serious penalties may be imposed upon a conviction. This includes sexual assault, rape, child pornography, sexual battery, and much more. What are considered sex crimes are very similar to those under state and federal law, but the legal process a military service member will face is different. Courts-martial operate off their own specific set of rules and procedures, and as such, it is essential that you work with an attorney experienced with these in particular.

Military Law Attorney Keith M. Gould

Keith M. Gould has over two decades of experience with military law and the Uniform Code of Military Justice. Putting his experience and his zealous efforts to work for his clients, Keith M. Gould can provide you with the aggressive defense representation that you need to potentially avoid a conviction and maximum penalties.

Legal counsel is all the more important in the presence of sex crime allegations. The sensitive nature of these offenses can make it difficult to convey the defendant's side of the story at times, and the investigation, prosecution and sentencing of these cases are usually extremely harsh.

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