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Corpus Christi Theft Crimes Defense Attorney

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Often times, people are under the impression that being charged with a theft crime is not a big deal. They think that because they did not physically hurt anyone, everything will be OK and they make the mistake of not taking their criminal charges seriously. The truth is, in the state of Texas, all crimes are very serious, including theft. If you have been charged with one of the following theft crimes or another theft related offense, now is the time to get help from an experienced defense attorney:

  • shoplifting
  • petty theft
  • grand theft
  • grand theft auto
  • embezzlement
  • identity theft
  • credit card theft
  • forgery
  • robbery
  • burglary
  • receiving stolen property

Once a person has been convicted of a theft crime in Texas, he/she will face an array of legal penalties. In cases where the person committed a felony theft crime or used a weapon while committing theft, he/she will be facing over a year in prison. In other cases where the crime is classified as a misdemeanor, people will still face probation, fines, community service and restitution if they are convicted. Additionally, peoples' theft crime convictions will appear on their criminal records. Imagine trying to find a job when your future employer can see that you have a history of stealing?

Due to the nature of the consequences involved, it is very important that people take their theft charges seriously and do everything they can to fight back. Part of fighting back against theft crime charges is retaining the services of an unyielding Corpus Christi criminal defense attorney.

Corpus Christi Theft Crime Defense Attorney

If you have been charged with a theft crime in Texas, contact the skilled Corpus Christi criminal defense lawyer at The Gould Law Firm.