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Each day, countless drivers flood roads and highways and it is reported that approximately 15.5 million of the drivers on the streets are in fact truck operators. While most truck drivers are committed to driver safety and to following trucking regulations, others are less careful and partake in reckless actions that can lead to horrific collisions.

Large commercial trucks and tractor trailers weigh tons whereas smaller vehicles weigh a few thousand pounds. When trucks and smaller cars are involved in a collision, the drivers and passengers in the smaller vehicles have little chance of escaping the crash uninjured. In fact, most people that are involved in serious truck accidents sustain severe physical injuries.

Truck Accidents & Personal Injury Lawsuits

After a person has been injured during a truck accident, one of the things that he/she may consider is filing a personal injury lawsuit. However, before any person can file a truck accident lawsuit, he/she must be able to prove that the collision resulted from third party negligence and that his/her injuries are severe enough to warrant legal action. The best way for people to find out if they can file a truck accident lawsuit is by meeting with an experienced personal injury lawyer. A personal injury attorney can listen to the person's side of the story, evaluate the person's case and then provide the person with reliable legal advice.

In some cases, a lawyer may tell the person that he/she would not benefit from filing a lawsuit. However, in other cases, an attorney may tell a person that they should file a lawsuit as he/she has a solid chance of recovering damages for his/her injuries, medical bills, loss of income and pain and suffering. Additionally, the person may be able to collect payment for property damage to his/her motor vehicle. By meeting with a knowledgeable truck accident lawyer, people will save a great deal of time and receive the legal guidance they need to make the most effective decision.

Corpus Christi Truck Accident Law Firm

If you or someone you care about has been injured in a truck accident due to the negligent actions of a third party, now is the time to meet with the Corpus Christi truck accident lawyer at The Gould Law Firm!