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A defective product is a product that has inherent flaws in its design, construction or instructions. When a defective product is purchased by consumers, consumers stand a great chance of incurring physical or mental injuries while using the product. When this happens, a recall of the product may be issued and people who have been injured may choose to file a defective product or products liability lawsuit against the designer, manufacturer or seller of the product.

Defective Product Lawsuits

After a person has been injured by a defective product, he/she may file a products liability lawsuit to recover monetary damages for his/her injuries, medical expenses and pain and suffering. However, before people enter into a lawsuit, they should have their cases reviewed by a knowledgeable defective product lawyer as these matters require expert legal guidance. Defective product cases involve numerous complicated elements and before a lawsuit can be filed, the victim and his/her lawyer will have to identify who is liable: the manufacturer, the designer or the seller.

In some cases, the manufacturer will be liable for the defect in the product. For example, if a company manufactured a skateboard and the board was poorly constructed and led to people sustaining injuries, the manufacturer would be considered responsible. In cases where the product’s design was defective, the designer could be held accountable. And, in instances where the product did not have instructions or sufficient warning of possible defects, the seller may be held liable. The best way to determine fault is by working with a qualified products liability lawyer who has a solid understanding of both defective product and personal injury law.

Corpus Christi Defective Product Law Firm

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