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Corpus Christi Grandparent Rights Attorney

The state of Texas is very conscientious of the crucial roles grandparents play in the development and growth of their grandchildren, which is why the state is a firm advocate of grandparental rights. The term grandparental rights refers to a grandparent's right to maintain contact with and build relationships with their grandchildren. In family law, grandparental rights often come into play when:

  • Spouses decide to divorce and the grandparents still want to have access to their grandchildren.
  • One spouse dies and the grandparents still wish to be involved in the lives of their grandchildren.
  • Grandparents have played a crucial role in their grandchild's life or have helped raise the grandchild only to have the parent take the child away or prevent the grandparents from seeing the child.
  • Grandparents need to step in as custodians because one parent has died, gone to jail or entered the military.
  • A positive grandparent/grandchild relationship has been severed or compromised.

At The Gould Law Firm, we believe that grandparents should be allowed to have rewarding, ongoing relationships with their grandchildren. Unfortunately, there are times where grandparent/grandchild relationships can be challenged, such as in the event of a divorce, legal separation or child custody dispute. In these types of situations, grandparents will find that they are in heartbreaking position as they may no longer be able to have contact or nurturing relationships with their grandchildren. Fortunately, the law protects grandparents who are in challenging situations where their relationship with their grandchildren may be in jeopardy. The key to taking full advantage of the law is to understand what grandparental rights are and how these rights can help grandparents whose sole wish is to stay involved in their grandchildren's lives.

If you are a grandparent and you feel that your grandparental rights are being challenged or compromised, our empathetic family law attorney can help you. We will listen to your individual circumstances, advise you of your rights as a grandparent and ultimately help you proceed forth with the best course of legal action.

If you would like further legal insight into your grandparental rights, contact our reliable family lawyer today!