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Conspiracy is best defined as a criminal act that occurs when two people (or more) secretly plan to engage in illegal acts or to commit a crime. Conspiracy is also committed when a group of conspirators come together to plan a crime. When people commit conspiracy, they may plan a small-scale robbery or a large-scale drug crime operation. For this reason, the severity of conspiracy charges will usually depend upon the type of crime that was planned or committed and the number of people that were involved. Additionally, the offenders' criminal histories will also play a role in determining the severity of their criminal charges.

When people are convicted of conspiracy, numerous things may happen. First, if the conspiracy charge is classified as a felony offense, people will most likely have to serve over a year of jail time. Second, people who are convicted of conspiracy may be sentenced with fines, community service or probation. Finally, convicted conspiracy offenders will incur damage to their criminal records, which may prevent them from obtaining jobs, housing and bank loans in the future.

Corpus Christi Conspiracy Defense Attorney

If you have been charged with conspiracy in Texas, contact the skilled Corpus Christi criminal defense lawyer at The Gould Law Firm. At The Gould Law Firm, we have represented many clients who have been charged with conspiracy. We know that even though many of our clients merely planned a crime, they are still facing harsh legal consequences if they are convicted. For this reason, we utilize aggressive defense tactics to fight our clients' conspiracy charges and to obtain winning case outcomes. When it comes to fighting conspiracy charges, everything depends upon the quality of your legal representation and the dedication of your Corpus Christi criminal defense attorney.