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Frequently Asked Questions

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What are grounds for divorce in Texas?

As both a fault and no-fault state, a divorcing couple may file without proving fault of the other party. However, if there were instances of abuse, adultery, abandonment, or long-term imprisonment in a jail or institution, filing on these grounds may help you obtain the favorable case results that you may deserve.

Are their additional requirements to file for divorce?

Texas requires that a divorcing couple meet residency requirements. One spouse must have been a state resident for at least 6 months. In addition, one spouse must have been a resident of the county where they are filing for at least 90 days.

Am I eligible for spousal support?

If you were financially dependent on your spouse during your marriage, you may be eligible to receive payment after a divorce. The duration of a spousal support award is based on a number of factors, such as the length of your marriage, your occupation and your ability to work, your income and financial needs, your debts, and your overall health.

Who will get custody of my children?

Custody matters are settled based on the best interests of your child. The court will take into account the child’s health, any instances of abuse, their standard of living, you and your former spouse’s income, and whether or not you are employed, among other things. You are your spouse may also come to an agreement on your own. However, when there are conflicts that prevent this, a judge will have to step in.

Can I change the terms of my agreement after my divorce?

If your circumstances have changed, such as losing or gaining a job, getting remarried, or moving out of state, modification can be made to your divorce agreement. A Corpus Christi family law attorney can help you amend spousal or child support payments or custody or visitation agreements. It is important that you speak to a lawyer, however, as modification procedures can be complex and require assistance with drafting, filing, and appearing in court.